It's great to meet you!

Katt: Owner & Lead Florist


 I'm Katt, the creator and designer behind Grit & Grace. This company began when I got married in 2017 and saw how disposable the wedding and special event industry is. I found wooden flowers online and ordered some. Now I order them from companies that give fair trade jobs and create some myself. From there I custom dye and arrange them. I also preserve my own filler or seek out the best faux filler for my customers. 

I have always been crafty and drawn to sustainable practices so this was a natural fit. I run on caffeine, never met a chai tea I didn't like, and am always down for a trip to Hobby Lobby. I am a dog mom to a 5 year old rescue border terrier. Being a night owl I get my best work done late into the morning hours. 

Anna: Street Team


 Hi! My name is Anna and I recently graduated with my associates degree in arts and sciences. I joined the Grit & Grace team back in the beginning when Katt first started her flower business with some of her first markets & events and now that she is growing, I wanted to continue showing my support! I attended a Tech School for the Textiles and Fashion Career Program and have created 18 original outfits and 2 prom dresses! Textiles, Colors, and Fashion are my favorite thing and I am detail oriented. I bring a detail oriented approach to Katt's designs. In the fall I will be attending the a 4 year institution to major in Fashion Merchandising and so I think that working with Grit & Grace will be a great opportunity to learn more about business skills and the sustainable industry. 

Emma: Street Team


 Hi y’all! I’m Emma and I’m brand new to Grit and Grace’s team.  I recently graduated from the local community college with my Associates in Communications.  The past few months have been amazing getting to see Katt’s business grow. Despite not being creative when it comes to art or fashion, I love to learn about new things.  So, when she offered me the position on the team, I obviously took it. My hope by working with the wonderful ladies is to grow my skills in marketing and customer service. So you will see me working behind the scenes updating the blog posts and social media!  I’m attending one of the local four-year universities next semester to continue studying Communications and am very excited to see all that I learn.