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Bridal Bouquets


Hand-Picked Style  

Small $115 (20-25 flowers)

Medium $125 (25-30 flowers)

Large $135 (30-35 flowers)

Extra-Large $145 (40-45 flowers)

Round or Wild Style

Small $130 (20-25 flowers)

Medium $140 (25-30 flowers)

Large $150 (30-35 flowers)

Extra-Large $160 (35-40 flowers)

Cascade Style

Mini $145 (15-20 flowers)

Small $165 (20-25 flowers)

Medium $185 (25-30 flowers)

Large $200 (30-35 flowers)

Extra-Large $225 (35-40 flowers)

Toss Bouquet $25 (6-8 flowers) 

Boutonnieres & Corsages


Adult Boutonniere

Two Flower $17

One Flower $15

Greenery $12

Child Boutonniere 

One Flower $12

Greenery $10


Basic Adult $23

3 flower corsage on an elastic wristlet

Deluxe Adult $30

3 flower corsage on a pearl or rhinestone wristlet 

Child $18

1-2 flowers on an elastic wristlet 



Cake Flowers 

Flowers are attached to a bamboo stem and bottoms dipped in wax to prevent damage 

1-2 inch $1/each

3-4 inch $1.50/each

Floral Swags

Two foot long $130

Three foot long $140

Four foot long $150


Mason Jars $20-25

Boxes $25-$75

Lanterns $40

Glass Vases $35-$65+


Mini Bouquet for Decor $20

5 flowers in a hand-picked style to place with photos of loved ones

Arrangement with Candle $45

10 flowers arranged around base of a candle 



Hair Combs

Full Hair Comb $28

Half Hair Comb $23

Flower Crowns

Adult Flower Crown $40

Child Flower Crown $32



Decorations for the Bouquet

Flower Jewels $10/Bouquet

Flower Pearls $10/Bouquet

Handle Decorations & Wraps

Ornate Handle $15+/Bouquet

Burlap Wrap $2/Bouquet

Burlap and Lace Wrap $4/Bouquet

Lace Wrap $5/Bouquet

Ribbon Wrap $3/Bouquet

Ornate Wrap $8/Bouquet

Nautical Wrap $4/Bouquet

Leather Wrap $5/Bouquet

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Our wedding books are open through 2021. We offer free consultations both in person and via video chats or email. Booking requires a 50% deposit. We'd love to help make your floral dreams for your wedding day a reality. All orders include a $10 delivery fee in Carroll County, MD. $15 outside of Carroll County, MD. Shipping is determined at time of signing.

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